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Make the most of your high school experience with Graduation Rings. We are Australia and New Zealand's largest high school Graduation/Senior ring supplier. Specializing in manufacturing the highest quality senior graduation rings available in today’s market. As a SENIOR ring they can be worn all throughout your senior year. Your Senior graduation ring connects you with your school, your classmates, and your memories.Cherish these moments for life with the perfect graduation gift. Each graduation ring is unique, classic and timeless in every way....Read More
  • $ 48.00 Australian

    Graduation Rings Pricing

    Each Graduation\Senior ring is classically designed from solid Sterling Silver. Our expert silver craftsmanship ensures to offer distinctive memento for your academic achievement. Cast or engrave your school's click here
  • $ 85.00 Australian

    Crest Ring Pricing

    Each Crest Ring is made from solid Sterling Silver and features your school’s crest. With our expertise we create Classic and stylish crest rings suited perfectly for you! Your leaving year is cast on the side or engraved on the back of each ring. click here

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The Graduation Rings offer the most extensive design options on our rings, if you are ordering your ring for the first time we can help you, order your FREE Starter Pack. Contact Graduation Rings by submitting the form below and receive complete information and your Free Starter Pack Don't miss out on this opportunity! Commemorate your special occasion with an elegant and timeless high quality sterling silver ring.

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